Measuring CSR

Reading a recent feed from Mashable about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the various tools and applications that exist to measure it – see – seems to make it awfully hard to argue that a company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility doesn’t matter.  It obviously matters, as more and more consumers, investors, and other stakeholders have developed a keen interest in how the companies they do business with operate in and for the world.  These latest applications and tools were designed to make that information more widely available.  Why? Because there is clearly a demand for it.  They inform customers and investors about a company’s social and environmental commitment, as well as their impact.   What this kind of tool really does is “helps investors and consumers tell the difference between socially responsible companies and companies with great marketing.”  In other words, it helps all of us avoid being the victims of “green-washing.”  Some of them measure CSR efforts and some of them measure the impacts of those CSR efforts.  Some of them use a set of guidelines to create a meaningful scale and others rely more on open-source-type technologies and wiki-like approach.  Either way, these tools offer consumers a meaningful way to assess a company’s genuine commitment to its corporate social responsibility obligation.

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